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Shota Yamamoto (Composer / Arranger)

Shota YAMAMOTO was born in 1988 in Aichi, Japan. He began to learn the piano at the age of 4, but cookie-cutter lessons weren't his interest. However, at the age of 14, he went to a concert in Germany and he was attracted to the music. After that experience, he began to listen to the music of Gil Evans and Maria Schneider. He was influenced a lot by their innovative sounds, and that was a turning point of his music life. He studied jazz and classical composition at Koyo conservatory, a partnership school of Berklee in Japan.

Shota began his career by joining Kyoto Composers Jazz Orchestra in 2010. He wrote over 150 compositions and arrangements for this band, and the pieces are played at their concerts all over Japan. His compositions are recorded in more than 10 albums.

Some compositions won international competitions, e.g. American Songwriting Awards 2017 Best Jazz Award, SongDoor 2018 Special Recognition and International Songwriting Competition 2016/2018 Honorable Mention.

In 2015, Shota started a project “Satono-Uta” with a jazz vocalist, Mariko AWADA. It covers Japanese traditional songs and children's songs. The subscribers of Satono-Uta YouTube Channel are over 10,000 people now.

Besides these projects, Shota is writing for musicians in various genres, theaters, events and broadcasts.

In 2017, he wrote some compositions for a Mexican famous marimba group “Mario Nandayapa Quartet (a.k.a. Marimba Nandayapa)”, and succeeded a tour in Mexico.

In 2018, Kyoto Composers J.O. released an album “Hyojo ~the music of Shota Yamamoto~”. All tracks are his brand new compositions, and the CD is a great hit.



International Songwriting Competition 2018 Honorable Mention (2 songs)
"Bump", "Play with a Phantom" の2曲がノミネートされ、Honorable Mentionを受賞しました。

SongDoor International Songwriting Contest 2018 Special Recognition
"Between Two Stars" がSpecial Recognition (特別表彰) をいただきました。

American Songwriting Awards 2017 Winner
"Ancient Incense" がジャズ部門最優秀賞を受賞しました。

Hollywood Songwriting Contest 2016 Best Jazz Song
"Ancient Incense" がジャズ部門最優秀賞を受賞しました。

International Songwriting Competition 2016 Honorable Mention
"Blue Reflection" が Honorable Mention を受賞しました。
一般人気投票People's Voiceで全部門300以上のファイナリスト作品の中から総合22位、ジャズ作品中1位を獲得しました。

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